Does he deserve it? Last week the Nobel Committee awarded Bob Dylan the prize for literature. And the day after stories appeared casting doubt on the choice.

The general rants ranged from he's a songwriter, give him a Grammy, not a Nobel, to writers need these awards to...


Here’s four sign posts that point the way through the beloved chaos we call production.

1. Define

On any project it's the first thing to know. Are your expectations too high, or worse, too low? 

I believe it’s an important first step in any project to define, understand a...

The tyranny of tools - the phrase kept coming into my mind. We've haplessly drifted into a place where we can't walk down a street without a technology leash.

I began thinking this way when I moved from team to team, and every team had a set of tools to increase ou...


In art, we seek mystery and depth. We endeavor to break new ground, wander new realms, find our way to something new every day.

It is an artists' charge to do no less.

An artist strives to stand away from society. To be different. The rest of us - the bankers and polit...


The Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations have been on-going since 2011. Five years of off-the-record meetings and negotiations involving a dozen economies scattered around the Pacific Rim. (Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru,...


So I'm an old hand at this seldom spoken part of being a writer: The family. When you write, or more to the point, when you finish writing you want to share it. Like immediately. And who's closest? You family, your mom, your daughter, your partner, the people in your d...


This at least is never changing, a rare thing in a place of constant change, the Palisades, along the Hudson, some of the most ancient rock on the surface of the earth.


Urban druids. Gathering on street corners and worshiping a retail sun. This happens maybe once or twice a year.


Is there another way to greet the day? is there another way to breathe here? Landing in rays of morning sun, gracing waters way, Bow Bridge, Bethesda, Poet's Walk, morning magic every streak of sun, snowfall, rainy day. New York's great gift to itself: Central Park.

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