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The Great Failure: American Capitalism in Crisis

We’ve created an unworkable proposition. Profit must increase. That’s the core of our capitalist economy. It means prices must rise. Housing costs must increase. Healthcare must be more expensive year by year.

Add in the others demands of created profit. Wages must fall. Working hours must rise. Corners must be cut.

Inflation is a feature. Greedflation is a requirement. Delusion is a must.

What delusions? The American Dream for one. The idea it’s possible to ‘get ahead’ and create generational wealth. Trickle down. Exceptionalism. All of it is a bill of goods sold to us to keep us bound to the Ravenous Profit Machine.

Without willing workers the machine grinds to a halt. So it becomes necessary to break unions, royalty, copyright. Ownership is reserved for the Elite.

These delusions, and these requirements of profit do one thing: create massive wealth for this Elite.

With their massive wealth this Elite controls all information, all political systems, means of production, all profit, protects their Machine, builds walls around their clubs and beachfront resorts, plans escapes into space.

The Final Act arrived with the Ascent of Silicon Valley. The Ultimate Plan. Mass monetization of people, their lives, their likes, their loves, their hates. A global economy siphoning global wealth and funneling it to the Elite.

With poverty on the rise, starvation, climate refugees, vast areas of the planet becoming uninhabitable, a crisis of essential resources, mass extinctions, viral plagues, our leaders work from an out-dated and unworkable playbook of wars, religious control, shallow salutes, crippling nationalism, patriotic bunting decorating a disappearing future.

But there are tools to stop this myopic leadership. With better communication across borders, government propaganda is not as easy as it once was. War machines are exposed for the blunt sword they are. Civilian dead is accepted by leadership, but rejected by our cell phone consciousness.

We do not have to put up with the predatory colonialism of entitled white men anymore. But this is not a fight easily won. There are still armies unleashing hell at the direction of corrupt and ambitious men. Religion is still pulling the blinders over peoples eyes. Politicians are still wrapping themselves in flags. Businessmen are posing as preachers and ranting from golden pulpits as their privilege of white skin no longer serves to protect them.

We’ve reached the natural climax of our human story. The only future for us will be a future written in new ink. The tribes are dying. Nationalism is extinction. Capitalism is corruption.

The only way forward is with universal love and compassion for all living beings. Does that sound too trite? Am I too naive to even write such a sentiment? I wear my inherent naivety proudly these days. All those who mocked my peacenik ways are slogging through the same muck as I am. We are living though the Great Failure.

The media is filled with the ultimate capitalist promise of the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. But that’s also accompanied by the greatest transfer of debt. How come we never discuss the two sides of the capitalist coin?

Because to speak the truth about the shackles we’ve forged is to threaten the elitist status quo; to reveal the game.

Dutch philosopher Ingrid Robeyns: “After a decade of analyzing and debating extreme wealth, I became convinced that we must create a world in which no one is super-rich—that there must be a cap on the amount of wealth any one person can have. I call this limitarianism.”

We spend incredible amounts of time discussing everything under the sun. We distract ourselves with March Madness, or the Masters, or a movie, or a royal scandal. Politician rant on about a rigged Justice system when what they actually mean is a Justice system no longer rigged in their favor. Defending our American Democracy is actually defending a system of elitism designed by a small group of white, landowning men.

That’s the truth. Hiding is not as easy as it once was. Worse. Hiding behind these myths is extermination. We’ve run out of time for Putins and Trumps. Their story is over. The ending was kind of boring. Same old, same old. Bad suits and shifty eyes. Tanks and poorly aimed missiles. Attacks and revenge. As it always was, an indulgence in wounded egos. Except now we simply cannot indulge the whims of needy men. Truth be told it’s time to strike the flags, mute the anthems, spike the guns.

It’s past time.



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