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Studio 'B' Irivng Place Studios, NY, NY
Christopher McHale in the sound booth of Studio B Irving Place Studios NY, NY

Christopher McHale

Christopher McHale is a prominent figure in the fields of music composition, production, and sonic branding. He is known for his contributions to various industries, including advertising, entertainment, and gaming. McHale's diverse background and extensive portfolio have earned him recognition and numerous accolades throughout his career.


Early Life and Education


Christopher McHale was born in New York City, the son of an American diplomat. He spent his childhood in several countries, including England, South Africa, and Australia, due to his father's postings. These multicultural experiences greatly influenced his artistic sensibilities and creative pursuits.


McHale pursued his higher education at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he studied Ethnomusicology. During his time at university, McHale developed a deep interest in music and composition. Seeking to further explore his passion, he later enrolled at the Berklee College of Music, located in Boston, Massachusetts. He successfully obtained a degree in composition from Berklee, honing his skills and expanding his musical repertoire.


Career and Notable Works


Following his studies, Christopher McHale embarked on a successful career in music production, composition, and sonic branding. He collaborated with renowned artists and companies, leaving a lasting impact on the industry. Some of his notable works include:


  • Kit Kat "Gimme a Break": McHale produced the iconic jingle for the Kit Kat chocolate bar, titled "Gimme a Break," which was composed by Michael Levine.

  • Amtrak "There's Something About a Train": McHale produced the Amtrak advertisement campaign, featuring the voice of Richie Havens and composed by Eddie Jobson.

  • VW "Fahrvergnugen" Radio Campaign: Alongside Scott Scheer and producer Heidi Berg, McHale created the memorable radio campaign and music for Volkswagen, known as "Fahrvergnugen."

  • Budweiser "This Bud's For You": McHale composed the music for the Budweiser advertisement campaign, contributing to its overall success.

  • T-Mobile Sonic Branding: McHale produced the iconic sonic branding for the launch of T-Mobile, earning him the title of "Father of Sonic Branding" by Die Spiegel, a renowned German publication.


McHale's contributions extend beyond advertising. He also ventured into music production and collaboration with notable artists. He co-wrote the world music classic "Bandy-Bandy" with Marie Daulne and produced Zap Mama's album "Supermoon" for David Byrne's Luaka Bop label.

Additionally, McHale composed the theme song and produced the soundtrack for the BBC/DISNEY Annie-nominated children's show, Chuggington, created by Ludorum, based in London.


Entrepreneurial Ventures


Christopher McHale's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish various creative enterprises throughout his career. Some of his notable ventures include:

  • Irving Place Studios: With partner Joe Barone, McHale built Irving Place Studios in New York City, a renowned recording facility known for its state-of-the-art equipment and world-class production capabilities.

  • McHale/Barone Audio Agency: He founded and served as the President of McHale/Barone, a production company that received over 500 awards for its exceptional work in production, music, and copywriting.

  • Pirate North America: McHale was named the Managing Partner of Pirate North America, an influential advertising and branding agency.

  • Streamline Media Group: Recognized for his creative expertise, McHale was appointed as the Chief Creative Officer of Streamline Media Group, a video game development company.

  • Buddyville Creative: McHale founded and served as the CEO of Buddyville Creative, a creative agency specializing in various media and entertainment projects.

  • STUDIO JIJIJI: AsFounder and Chief Creative Officer, McHale created innovative audio-story experiences, captivating audiences with immersive narratives.

  • Song In Space: McHale's latest venture involves him as the Creator and Executive Producer of "Song In Space," a unique project that combines music, storytelling, and the exploration of outer space.


Recognition and Achievements


Christopher McHale's exceptional talent and contributions have garnered him widespread recognition and numerous awards throughout his career. His dedication to sonic branding and composition earned him the title of "Father of Sonic Branding" by Die Spiegel. McHale/Barone Audio Agency, under his leadership, received over 500 awards for its outstanding achievements in production, music, and copywriting.

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