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Tech Giants Unleashed Unethical AI, Leaving Artists in the Dark – Are You at Risk?

Ethical Dilemmas in the Age of AI and 5-ways to protect your IP.

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Industry Leaders Respond to Concerns

In a startling revelation, the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has exposed a profound ethical crisis within the technology sector. Microsoft, Open AI, Google, and other industry giants find themselves under scrutiny as they attempt to defend their practices. Critics argue that their actions are only exacerbating the problem, with an army of apologists flooding social media with dubious legal interpretations and impassioned pleas.

The Price of Progress is Sacrificing Ethics for Advancement

At the heart of this controversy lies a fundamental question: should technology advance at any cost? Many argue that the relentless pursuit of technological advancement has come at the expense of the very people it purports to serve.

Ethics set an unimpeachable standard. Non negotiable.

Our humanity should not be the price of our technology. Unfortunately, Silicon Valley has a poor track record in protecting the rights of artists. We've been treated to decades of promises, only to be told those promises remained unfulfilled because of the relentless demands of the technology. It is the users who must compromise their rights, never the technology corporations, and above all, any challenge to profit becomes a betrayal of the libertarian-infused economic visions of the global corporatists who run things.

Liability Shifts in New Agreements Raises Eyebrows

To compound matters, recent agreements have swiftly shifted liability onto users while granting corporations immunity. Critics find this move almost comical, given the potential consequences of AI's unregulated proliferation.

Agreements cannot relentlessly prioritize corporate interests over user rights and ethical considerations. I see this as willful arrogance deeply stitched into Silicon Valley soul. We don't need complex pretzel logic discussions and angst over this. We just need to be respectful toward one another. The type of stuff you learn in nursery school.

AI Unleashed with a Lack of Control and Oversight

AI is now in the wild, and its release often occurred without adequate control or comprehensive understanding of its workings. Some argue that this laissez-faire approach raises troubling questions about accountability and ethics.

Simply put AI deployment should have been methodical, controlled, and accountable, all the things Silicon Valley appears to intensely dislike. I imagine advocating such positions in the high-powered board rooms of the technology industry quickly gets you shown the door. It is the salesmen who rule these global corporations, not the scientists, the ethicists. No oversight is a recipe for disaster when dealing with these faceless giants.

Copyright and IP are in Jeopardy

The disregard for copyright and intellectual property (IP) rights has dire implications for creative workers. Artists and creators, in particular, face a precarious situation as their work becomes fodder for corporate profit.

Perhaps worse of all, I an unregulated AI strikes a the core of digital commerce. As it stands, publishing anything on th internet, including this blog, is essentially giving away your intellectual cprtiall for free. To a large extent of course, social media platforms rely on that model, but it;s now exacerbated by the fact publishing photos of posts on is aromatically sampled and repurposed by the AI bots. all of this will feed upon .

Respecting artists is critical in an ethical society. Ignoring intellectual property rights undermines innovation.

Safeguarding Your Intellectual Property in the AI Era

In light of these ethical challenges, artists and creators must take proactive steps to protect their work. Here are five strategies to safeguard your intellectual property in the age of AI:

1. Understand AI Tools: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the AI tools you use in your creative process. Assess their ethical sourcing and reliability.

2. Seek Ethical Sources: Choose AI tools and training sources that adhere to ethical principles and values.

3. Review Agreements Carefully: Scrutinize agreements with AI providers to ensure your rights and liabilities are clearly defined.

4. Explore Licensing: Advocate for the licensing of AI training sources to ensure accountability and ethical use.

5. Support Ethical Practices: Promote and support companies that prioritize ethical behavior and values in their AI deployment.

AI has a place in my process

These tools are valuable. I used ChatGPT as a grammar checker and editor in this post, but I also kept my standards. I wrote it in pen in my notebook first. I just like the vibe. That's my process.

The intersection of AI and ethics is a critical issue. It is imperative that businesses and individuals alike embrace ethical practices to ensure the responsible and sustainable advancement of technology. Failure to do so could have far-reaching consequences for the future of the digital landscape. We can;t rely on OpenAI to act ethically. They are controlled by profit mechanics. So it's up to the creative workers themselves. Make demands rather apologetics.


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