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The digital domain has turned into the Planation. We have the Masters of the Big House - Zucks and Musks - the Overseers, Facebook, X, Spotify, Substacks, etc.  - and the Field Hands who work for free - writers, composers, producers, actors, artists. We are entering the Post Platform Age. Content creators are asking for your direct support. If you like someone, love someone, with a subscription, or membership to their site directly. You'll make all the difference to their work. 

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Maybe something struck you, or lit a small fire in your heart, or opened new avenues in your soul. If so, consider a tip.


Artists are out here digging. Artists-At-Work. 👷🏽

 I've got many words, songs, stories in the oven. They make my life deeper and more connected. I keep going, but a little love along the way helps.

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