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Who are you?

Who are you?

Looking back on your path.

You could be anything.

Every choice you make there were dozens of other choices to make.

I’ve made some weird choices.

Good and bad.

In my life, I could have been a lighting designer. I loved that job. I could have been an ad executive. The suits and golf clubs. I was offered some peachy opportunities by some powerful players. I could have stayed in LA and joined the acting grind. You never know, right?

Mostly, I split the middle. Going for a combo of creativity and security.

I had tons of success and tons of failures. I learned the most from the failures.

You don’t walk this path on your own. There’s angels in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Invisible and visible. Ask and listen.

But in a life of choices there’s only one. The choice that reflects who you are.

That’s the hardest choice of all.

And the choice most of us never make.

Looking back on your path.

You could be anything.

But the best choice is always to be you.

That’s where choice begins.

Who are you?


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