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Stop Reading About Writing If You Want To Become A Good Writer

Everyday I see posts with tips about becoming a good writer. If you read them all you’ll become is confused. And worse, your writing will become confused.

What you’re looking for is your voice. Write until you have it. Others people’s methods are useless simply because they’re not you. You have your truth. Express it as truthfully as you can. That’s writing.

The connection you make with writers you love is simply this: You hear their voice and you hear the truth in their voice.

If you write for clicks and follows you’ll never be a writer, you’ll be a poster. I can’t think of any writer who wrote for any other reason then they love writing and they had something to say. If you’re lucky people read it.

The audience you want is the audience that connects organically to your writing. I write for my readers. I always have them in mind. I treat them most humbly and most respectfully. I never bullshit them.

Seek your audience but never pander to them. Don’t shape your writing to results, shape it to your message. Yes, lists get people to click, but only use a list if a list is called for. Never begin a piece thinking I’m going to make a list of five things because people read lists of five things.

The best advice I ever got as a young writer was write. Be gentle with your writer’s mind. Don’t put too much technique into your compass. Follow your heart. Write from emotions. Your readers will find you.

Technique is a good starting point, but learn it and forget it. It’ll seep through. Choose your teachers wisely. Read carefully. The greatest teachers are the greatest writers.


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