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I owe no tribe allegiance

I owe no tribe allegiance

No flag, no army, no anthem

No tis of thee

No skin symphony

No clay prayers

No Mohamed Moses

No Buddah Jesus

None of that

Except this

My humanity

No nation holds my passport

No border contains me

We’ve had a long history of nations

Of tribes

And every tribal vow is dipped in our blood

Our children’s blood

Every innocence is betrayed

They say I don’t understand

I don’t know the history

The story

But every story is the same

Over and over

We know how it begins

We know it’s gory middle

And we know it’s bloody end

The same damn end again and again

Until I stand and say

I pledge allegiance to no nation under no flag no god

Because no nation holds our future

No prophecy beyond this

I pledge allegiance to my humanity

And yours

My brother

My sister

The children still to come

I pledge alliance to you all

For you are the only future we have


Beyond flags

Beyond tribes

One shared humanity

Over all


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