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Video Game Solutions for Remote Production.

Video game technologies have solutions for the emerging world of remote work.

Seven years ago, I joined a video game company, Streamline Studios led by a young technology entrepreneur, Alexander Fernandez. I’ve always been fully vested in dynamic, efficient production pipelines. My deep background was Opera. Coordinating thousands of moving parts against a strict deadline, with limited resources, meant innovative production techniques, strictly focused on a single specific goal: opening night. And in my Opera days, all I had was a day runner and a pen.

Fernandez’s vision was global. Video game production is complex, with project pipelines spanning several years. To coordinate a network of creative workers, propriety technology, tight deadlines and tiered synchronized production requires solutions of scale and scope that makes producing Aida a walk in the park.

Still, Aida and Final Fantasy are similar. Production is production. Artists are artists. Budgets are budgets. But the tools have changed, and I became fascinated with the video game production solutions, which create pipelines of depth and response.

As the pandemic economy unfolds, I’ve been thinking about these game companies. They’ve already invented the tools we need to go forward. As you face your remote office future, take the time to study the ideas of gaming production technology.


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