Writer • Composer • Producer • Human, I bring passion and vision to every project. Producing the iconic T-Mobile sonic branding, composing the hit children’s show, Chuggington, writing for Streamline Studios as they created the largest video game studio in Southeast Asia, building the Union Square recording facility, Irving Place Studio, managing partner of Pirate Radio and Television North America, president of global radio/music powerhouse McHale/Barone, producer of hundreds award-winning commercials for the advertising giant, DDB. 


I’ve developed a broad range of integrated skills. Copywriting, composer, song-writing, director, producer, voice over, actor, vocalist, music mixing, music editing, audio editor, copy editing, video editing, graphic design, business consultant, new business pitches, print ads, banners, keyword strategies, plan writer for business, marketing, and strategy, team leadership, production management, account management, budgeting, accounting, strategies and implementation of incorporation.


Every project is a challenge to find the creative, innovative, ground-breaking solution. I’ve always believed that excellence is the most competitive tool in the toolbox. 95% of the people can get 95% of the job done. What we seek is that last 5% that leaves the market behind and leads industries in unexpected directions. I am never content to follow. Success in life comes from vision, heart, and commitment. I bring those qualities to everything I touch. 


Whatever my clients need I bring to the table. I never hold back. If the project requires supervision and delegation, I find the best people to join and let them do their job. If the project needs a more hands-on approach, I roll up my sleeves and get to work. The goal is always the same. Get the best result possible.


I’ve won over 500 awards for my work including, Clios, Radio Mercurys, Cannes Lions, Annie Awards, London International Festival, One Show, Creative Arts, Mobius. I've written four novels, dozens of short stories, 8 film scripts, 30 episodes of the animated series Song in Space, co-wrote the hit song Bandy-Bandy, produced 25 operas, 6 musicals, and produced some of the more annoying ear worms you’ve heard, including Kit Kat Gimme A Break, VW Fahrvergnugun, and Budweiser ‘This Bud’s For You.’