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The End is where you begin.

I've been wondering a lot about selling creativity. I've been selling my creative wares for decades. I've tried every method. Hyped-up sales, intense rock-flipping, a super sales teams, social media, posts, blahblahblah. This is where I net out. Selling creativity doesn't work. Or at least all the traditional ways of doing it are useless. Most creative work has a bespoke quality. It's custom work. It's handmade. It's designed to connect one on one. it doesn't lend itself to the hype. You can't tell someone how great it is. They'll decide for themselves. It's great or not, no matter how you blow the trumpet. There's an organic viral quality to creativity. The idea is simply to get eyes on it. That's it. Which is why I say every creative project starts the same way. With the end. How is it going to be distributed? Answer that question first.

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