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Special Ops In Business

Jungle fighters, we need you. Your time has come.

The mission is critical, and time is short. Resources are scant, and the minefield primed. The mission is to get this brand from here, which is pandemic-infested nowhere, to there, which are the meadows of profit, unobtainable to us for the longest time.

Who are you going to entrust with the mission?

Simple, the jungle fighters, the team that knows how to get the job done, work on their own, work the problem. 

That team is rare. To join, you need years of experience. You need skills, a full scope of skills. You need discipline and accuracy and focus. You need vision as well because there’s no functioning in this world without a sharp, battle-tested view of the whole arena.

Generals are the guys who say we need to take the hill. Generals have maps, and plans, and charts. Jungle fighters go out and take the hill, while the generals are still having brain-storming sessions about it.

The post-pandemic world is leaner, resources are critical, time is short, and the crunch is on to make up for the Missing Quarters of 2020. Look for teams that look tough, ready, and know how to handle straight-up shots of milestones and no-frills budgets. It’s a world of one-page plans, short meetings, and action.

From Forbes:

Special Operators work in a simple, focused structure.

  • They’re trained to work in small and elite teams in high-pressure environments.

  • They work outside traditional systems and paradigms.

  • They work in secret and silence.

  • They use non-traditional, interdisciplinary tactics.

Forms teams that meet those criteria and pandemics mean nothing to you.



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