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Only two things fix our climate: They're both bad.

The climate crisis is raging

People are dying. Between killer storms and killer heat, 2024 is becoming brutal.

People just don’t get it. No matter how much we recycle or drive electric cars, there is no stopping it. We did it to ourselves.

I don’t worry about things like the effect of AI on artists or who will be president because they don’t matter; they will face terms of what they want in the next thirty years.

Technology's energy demands have tipped the scale, so unless we build hundreds of nuclear plants in the next five years, technology will heat up the earth to the breaking. We literally have internet cables under the ocean, heating up the water and destroying currents. That’s not news, by the way. Big Tech can’t fix it, point. I mean, so they ignore it.

The same is true for AGI

We’re spending trillions tilting at windmills, pursuing an impossible dream that is killing us. Nobody ever accused humans of being all that aware of things.

There are only two solutions.

1. Lose 5 billion people.
2. Shut everything down like we did in 2020, and don’t open anything up for at least 200 years.

If that sounds crazy to you, it won’t be soon enough. We are completely unprepared. We do not have the resources, will, or vision to save ourselves. Yes, it’s that bad, so prepare yourself. Move away from the coasts. Move next to fresh water. Move as far north as you can.

I hate to be an alarmist, and I hate to sound the alarm, but ignoring what’s happening is like sitting down to watch a TV show while your house is on fire.

What do I choose from our two choices?

Number two.

Nature is likely to choose number one. A viral plague that quickly kills most of us is a classic Mother Earth choice. She will protect herself.

I was in Manhattan in 2020 and watched the city transform overnight. Number two gives us hope—not much, but something.

Resource wars are already breaking out, so maybe that’s a third choice, the grimmest choice. We end ourselves. A case could easily be made that’s what we’re up to — a deep desire to do away with ourselves and end it.

Believe me, this is as hard to write as to read. But I think we’ve reached a time of truth. There are no pulling punches. Here it is. If you have any ideas,. Forget politics, economics, investments, and let’s have them technology. Forget all that. How do we survive? How do our children survive?

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