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There’s no such thing as the ‘democratization of creativity.’

No lazy.

Authentic creativity comes from skills trained by traditional methods.

There simply are no shortcuts.

There’s a joy to mastering the techniques of masters. Take the time you need and the curve may be steep, but the results can change the world.

Corporate tech and its advocates see GenAI as some sort of magic voodoo that will unleash a creative tsunami. A false promise like so many others.

Creativity comes from timeless values. And learning the fundamentals is non-negotiable.

Learn to sketch before you put your hands on any generative tool. Read literature before you write. Master scales on your instrument.

And here’s the truth. When you walk an authentic artistic path the short-comings of GenAI are exposed. Another color in the palette, but one that’s kind of boring and limited.

No lazy.

Master your tools, but never let your tools master you.



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