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Leaders. Do we need them?

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The 5 attributes of good leadership

  • 1, Vision.

  • Not rhetoric, but specifically defined and achievable goals. Culture Wars are not vision. They're lazy.

  • 2. Accountability.

  • Everyone makes mistakes. A leader acknowledges them and builds from them. A coward runs from them.

  • 3. Integrity.

  • A true leader must never lie. Ever. If you use deceit for power, your power is inherently corrupt. If you cannot stand by your own character, what sort of leader are you?

  • 4. Service.

  • No one should put themselves forth for leadership. A leader rises through service to the nation. A leader without service to the nation will be as self-serving in leadership as they have been in life.

  • 5. Humility.

  • Simply put, bragging is the most unattractive human trait. In America, we've had a healthy wariness of the silver-tonged hustler, the snake-oil salesperson, but we litter our history with men who have used the techniques of sales to win votes. History judges people like this harshly and they fade quickly.

So, leaders. What is their purpose? Who are these people? Do they help or hurt? Are they actually leading? Have we gone past the need for leaders? Big rally? Chants? Flags? Merch? Or do we just need somebody to organize the garbage being picked up?

I've outlined what I believe are the 5 attributes of leadership as I see them, but looking at the current landscape of American leadership, I have to ask:

Who are these guys?

I grew up in a world of leaders. We're going to the Moon type leaders. Nowadays, we seem to have lost the leadership plot. Or maybe worse, as far as leaders go, with the advances in cultural transparency, the king is truly walking naked through the world. For some people, a leader is someone who is in charge and gives orders. Great. I think some people like to follow orders. Not me. But many people. But there is a shift. More people are like me. More people just fold their arms and smirk at the avalanche of leader BS.

Debates of substance in America are rare.

Do you think Putin expected the Ukrainians to resist his great leadership? That guy is caught up in a 20th century KGB head. He expects his poisonous intimidation to cow folks to anoint him a great leader. The Ukrainians made up their own minds. They took out their cell phones. They went on Twitter.

20th century leadership relies on a certain projection of loud PA music and waving flags and blood-thirsty speeches, but Putin wandered into a rhetorical box canyon. Started mumbling about Nazis like a Hollywood movie villain from the 50s. Putin is a prime evidence of how leadership has changed. People are just not buying it like they used to.

This guy Trump is an abysmal failure of leadership. He brought rear-view mirror vision to the table. Thanks, Don, but we know where we've been. We don't need you to tell us. And honestly, we don&