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I’m tired of sonic branding.

I’m weary of the term ‘sonic branding.’ Don’t get me wrong. I’ve used the term for years. I’ve called myself a sonic brander. I’ve done big famous sonic branding projects. It’s just after years of music work I’m pushing back against the mindless commodification of things.

Great music has a hook. The greater the hook the greater the earworm. That’s true for every genre of music throughout history.

Quick. Hum the beginning of Beethoven’s 5th. See? That piece of music took 4 years to complete. Ludwig started it in 1804 and premiered it in 1808. It wasn’t done overnight. It took time and art to develop. It had power, originality, performance. It was, simply put, music.

Your great sonic branding is nothing more than great music. That’s what you’re looking for. And when you get it right, it hooks the ages.



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