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It’s not exactly a mystery why there’s been strikes, worker complaints, mass layoffs. You have to be seriously deluded if you don’t see what’s going on.

I’m still on strike personally. 105 days and counting? I’ve lost track. I get lots of snark and push back but it breaks down to bread. Bread prices are through the roof.

In America, there’s no way to fix it. Prices are up. Young families are priced out of home ownership. Education is unaffordable. Going to a hospital is flirting with bankruptcy. Some companies, like Walgreens and CVS, lay off staff and asked the remaining staff to operate in permanent crunch time.

Tech Futurists delude themselves they have all the answers but they don’t, because the questions are a lot more fundamental than the problems tech sets out to solve. How do you pay the rent? How do you put food on the table? How do you gas up the car?

We’re closing in on 200,000 layoffs in the tech sector and AI promises tough times ahead. The CEO of OpenAI says it might be the end of work in sixty-months, and he says enthusiastically, like everyone wil be on permanent vacation tin the south of France.

I actually believe these problems are mostly solvable, but not if you strap yourself to some sort of hidebound ideology. And not if you look to ‘leadership’ from this current crop of yaboos.

Where are the solutions?

In our humanity toward one another. In our understanding of the value each of us has to give. In our belief that first and foremost we must care for each other, and help one another,

The future is where the future has always been. In love and respect for each other.

Humans first. Always.



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