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How to always win.

Mediocrity has always tasted foul in my mouth. I mean it literally gets my blood pressure up. I’ve never understood it.

Why settle? Why not drive for excellence?

My main focus is mostly on soundtracks. That’s music, voices, effects. That’s all that is. Simple. Straight forward. Yet it’s amazing how easy it is to miss the mark. Or worse. Overlook it.

I was raised in a world where craft mattered. And craft meant challenging your chops. It’s always possible to be a better player, a more nuanced voice. There used to be a natural pyramid in place. You didn’t move up the pyramid unless you got better. Is that the case now? Everybody has a microphone. Everybody has a loop. All that is good. All that is fine. As long as it leads to excellence.

Measure yourself against the best. And then set out to surpass them


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