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Sometimes we’re called to greatness.

June 6th. 76 years. I think about my dad, a young guy, 25, getting on a ship, crossing the Atlantic to face who knows what kind of hell, but something bad was going on in Europe and it needed fixing.

It’s hard to get into their heads. We’re so connected. We know so much, but these men and women sailed into a dark chaos. It’s not their courage that awes me, it’s their commitment to an idea. All people are born to freedom and those who would take it away must be defeated.

My lesson in life is that battle never ends. There’s never a time when the freedoms of peoples is secure. The instinct to dominate others is a core element of our human character. Our constant challenge is to question these instincts, to overcome them. This is our path toward growth.

Always question anyone who uses the language of division, the banners of tribalism. They speak against our humanity. It was the greater character of our humanity that was in the hearts of the men and women on the road to D-Day 76-years ago. Remember them.


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