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Creativity on Strike!

‘Support independent artists, journalists & websites. Subscribe to a Patreon or Substack. Buy the record off Bandcamp. Go to a small club show and cop the merch. The only way out is to help your favorites directly, because these major corporations only want collusion and monopoly.’

I read that on Twitter. It was about the Writer’s Strike, but it applies across the board when it comes to creative workers and their incredible skills of imagination.

We built this vibrant global network of digital loveliness. We’re all connected. Use it. Support each other. And support those writers on strike as well.

Creativity never fits in a spreadsheet column. It wanders through the corporate woodland like a hairy Big Foot in an out of focus Super-8 frame.

You recognize it when you see it and it’s everything you want to believe.

Phone down now. It’s time to work. A blank page awaits. Best job in the world.



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