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Creative Workers at Risk

Dichotomy dancing.

You need to be safe, you need to be at risk.

Creative workers need a safe space to work.

Creativity demands risk.

You want to live in the garrett. You want a nice house.

It’s real pull and anyone who follows a creative path has felt the soul gravity.

What can I do to hone my edge. To cut to the truth bone. To squint at the BS and say no way.

There’s madness. And sanity. And you need both.

We live in sanitized times. We want to scrub the world and stand behind picture glass windows looking down at the valley. We want the robots to do our work.

But it won’t happen. There’s only one path to walk. And it take time, sweat, frustration, failure, and a healthy dose of skepticism.

There’s no secrets and no short cuts. There’s a flow you seek. Every creative worker has felt it. But to achieve it is no magic. It’s focus, commitment, technique, practice, publish, criticism.


Until they shovel dirt on your face.

Embrace the dichotomy. The contra dance contradictions. When you get there, when you breakthrough, it’s the best feeling in the world. As long as you earned it.



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