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The UN calls the Summer of '23 a climate disaster.

Our beautiful Earth.


Americans are way too stressed.

Our digital domain has driven hyper-stress levels through the roof. 24/ 7 silicon hustle leaves most of us with our brains wired permanently on.

Look around you.

It ain’t working.

We lurch from Metaverse to AI to who knows what. 10xFOMO every day of our lives.

We will take over the world! Believe the hype! Get on board or be left behind!


Except it’s mostly BS. Each new tech marker turns out to less than hyped or irrelevant, or worse of all, another step in our slow creep toward Watered Down World.

Everything is less, not more, when we speak of this conveyor belt of technology whiz bang.

Newitis is an excuse.

Yesterday, the UN called the summer of 2023 Climate Collapse.

How does that fit into your digital hustle?

Artificial Intelligence is not going to kill us. We’re doing a fine job with our own Actual Intelligence.

The human race. Is there an app for that?

Just take a second today and think about your kids. Your grandkids. Think about yourself. The climate is a runaway train. And there’s no hiding in the Metaverse.

Our beautiful Earth.




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