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Choose you collaborators carefully.

Collaborative chemistry is volatile. It either sets the world on fire or immolates you.

I’ve always believed in collaboration. It elevates my work. It adds depth. It fuels breakthroughs.

I used to call it the crucible. We add lots of ingredients and mash them together. We find new ways of doing things. It’s more fun than wrecking your head in an empty room.

Unless it doesn’t work. Then it blows up. You look foolish with a sooty face and singed eyebrows. And worse. You wasted time. You went a long way down a dead end.

That kind of wreck can suck you dry and leave you toting a barrel-full of self-doubt.

But collaboration is worth the risk. Just be cautious. It’s a lot easier to get in than out. And don’t lose yourself in the collaborative maze. The best partners are the ones who want you to be yourself.


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