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Trump must go.

“Kill judges. Behead judges. Roundhouse kick a judge into the concrete. Slam dunk a judge's baby into the trashcan."

These are America haters. Trump supporters. Trump is all about hating our country and building a great bonfire of hate he can use to make himself rich.

Not only should he be in jail, our Founders would have lined him up against a wall long ago.

And this is why you take the gloves off dealing with a human who threatens your nation like Trump does almost every hour of his life. He lives to hate.

We’re just too civilized for a monster like Trump. Our media is too discerning. Our leaders are weak.

Every challenge to our democracy Trump has made, we’ve fretted and worried but who cares? Republicans are terrified of him. I mean absolutely terrified. Democrats have done their best, Honestly, Biden has been great with Trump. He seethes. The media? Terrified.

We will be rid of Trump in 2024. One way or the other. We’ve reached the end. What does that mean? All I know is we need to put our head down and walk the walk. He needs to go. He should have gone long ago.

I’ll give you two reason he’s still here and it’s been said many times. Money from corruption and Putin.

Putin is brilliant at this game. We’ve been played. And at this point Trump is a poisoned pawn. Putin could give a fuck if Trump wins or loses. Either way it serves Putin’s goal. We’ve been played. We’re vulnerable. We’re weak. I wouldn’t bet on the future of Ukraine or Taiwan for that matter.

America was the cop and the cop is now retired. And all it took was Trump. All the work and sacrifice of generations.

I don’t say this in despair. I say it as a wake-up call. Democracy is full engagement all the time. We got lazy and weak, as successful nations do.

And then we got Trump.


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