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20 years of T-Mobile ring tone

Let’s talk T-Mobile audio branding, sonic branding, whatever you’d like to call it. Interbrand used the name Corporate Acoustic. I always like that designation best. It’s been 20 years since we produced the iconic tag that lives at the back of T-Mobile work. To this day I’ve never seen a better brief for branding music. Interbrand knew exactly what they were looking for, which is probably why they got exactly what they wanted. An incredible team worked on the project. Lance Massey, composer, Tim Lietner stitched together our musical quilt, and Mike Harvey, to this day the best vocal arranger I’ve ever worked with, and a performer of astounding range. These guys instinctively understood what we were after and brought it home. Our goal was to create a global anthem to accompany the T-Mobile brand launch. We used Zulu vocal styles, pulses harmonies inspired by the work of Steve Reich, and polyglot languages. It was kind of wild, to be honest, but in the end we had a corporate acoustic with the scope and scale to launch a great brand. In marketing, 20 years and still going is something to stand by. T-Mobile had a strong, focused mission. The music was right there for us in the incredible brief from Interbrand. How many of those do you get in a career?


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