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King Charles III's pomp and circumstance

Brits know pomp.

Nobody does pageantry like the Brits. It makes the rest of us look like amateurs when we inaugurate presidents and prime minsters. Imagine Trump in a gold couch with no suspension holding an orb. I mean, he can imagine it, I'm sure.

It feels like they need a new music director. Wow. Half the time I'm expecting the theme from Star Wars and the other half I'm wondering why Charles looks so grim against such a jaunty beat.

I see they dragged Harry over there. Look, break this down. He's honoring a woman who cheated with his father during a marriage. Drove Diana batty if all the bio pics are to believed. Just on purely human terms that's a tough slog for the guy.

I love London, and London rain is particularly soaking. Appropriate. I'm not sure what Charles is going to do with his kingship. I wish him the best of luck, but in 2023 it strikes an odd clanorous note.

Whenever they sense a gap in the drama they constantly offer a rousing chorus of My Country Tis of Thee. It's nice they honor America that way.

Half those sopranos boys singing in the Abbey were fidgety, shuffling, carrying on like boys do. Like ever tenth boy was singing in earnest, but it looked the rest of them were mailing it in.

It's good to see Camilla practiced her royal wave. It's tricky. She can't do the full on Elizabeth hand up wrist twist. God, the Queen perfected that, didn't she? Camilla is sort of half-royal, so she wants to strike a more simple wave, more for the people, but she can't go all the way to a howdy-doo I see ya.

Charles is really into traditional architecture. He's perfected the Neo-classical not quite gargoyle but definitely granite columns face.

This could have been Queen Diana's day. The Brits would have melted for that.


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