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Heart Disease and Me

Heart disease is a difficult steer to rope. It’s quiet. It’s invisible.

My genes have a lot of practice dancing with arteries and valves. I’ve had three angiograms and one triple bypass.

You come out of these encounters better than before. Eat better. Live better. Breathe better. But still the path leads you on.

I’m heading back in. My last test was not great. These days we have the technology. Bit by bit I’m more bionic than before.

I’m so happy I’ve never stopped working. I’d hate to be sitting around waiting. Today, I had a big production call on a show I’m working on. There’s also this Pharma ad I’m putting together. And an album I’m producing. Stories in process.

Retire is a four-letter word to me. And when you wander into these parts of the playing field, well, I’ll just say, it’s good to have plans to take you through and something to think about besides your mortality.

I share these things because we all walk the same roads. I’ve learned some things. Set your energy. Surrender. And keep dreaming.

Today was good. Tomorrow will be good. The only thing that means anything in life is love. And life is a gift.


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