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AI Death Cult

Unless AI directly helps us with our climate crisis, AI dev must be stopped. Immediately.

The energy cost is just too high. A SINGLE Midjourney generative illustration uses the equivalent of energy used to charge an iPhone four times.

A serious contributor to oceans warming are internet cables. This warming has INCREASED significantly since AI tools started consuming our interest.

The city of Phoenix has just started its 15th day of 100+ degree days. Zimbabwe is experiencing severe drought caused by the climate crisis. Almost ten-million people are in jeopardy. We are facing a brutal summer in the northern hemisphere.

Is AI worth the death of millions? We do not need AI to solve this crisis. AI is not a magic elixir. The entire wave of AI hype feels like used car salesman hype to distract us while our pockets are picked. And how useless to pursue a technology which is accelerating our crisis? It’s almost laughable, except on behalf of my grandchildren I am not laughing.

If we keep this up AI will morph into a death cult. Too radical for you? Judging from the weekend election result in Europe, people are getting pretty tired of green initiatives. I am too. I wish we could just live our life. But it’s hard to live without water, air, food. This summer, millions will die, fry, starve, be destroyed by our climate crisis, and I can draw a direct line from your AI pop song to a dead kid in Zimbabwe.

The climate crisis is coming for you too. There’s no hiding from it. There’s no bunker, no survivalist plans. There’s no earth worth surviving if surviving means you live in a mausoleum with ten billion corpses. There’s no escape into space if you’re leaving behind a beautiful planet and replacing with an eternity of artificial life.



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