I deliver real, simple, authentic. Eye candy works great in picture, but the ear catches every nuance. Voice is truth. Please request a copy of my voice reel.


My credits as a voice director include working with Mel Blanc, Lauren Bacall, Robert DeNiro, Helen Bonham Carter,Barry White, Dennis Miller, Erika Badu, Jim Gaffigan, Colleen Dewhurst, Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, Sam Waterston, Sam Jackson and Meryl Streep.


Many people offer voiceover coaching, but only a handful have actual frontline experience working in control rooms, directing some of the world's leading voiceovers, and understand every aspect of voiceover production.


I've been trenches and fought the voice wars on thousands of award-wining tracks.

I'm offering coaching a select and limited group of voice artists. Contact me now to arrange a session, either via Skype, or in my Upper West Side studio in Manhattan.

Let's hear what you've got. If I think you have potential, we'll talk.

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