1. Look for different ways to tell your story.


There are a million ways to tell a story. I've told them lots of different ways. On radio and TV. On albums. In theater, opera, on street corners, even a circus or two.


The beauty of the digital domain is storytelling is a two-way street. You tell a story and a conversation begins. 


2. Unique teams create unique content.


I've always worked with collaborators. It builds the scale of any project. It unleashes possibility.


I like jungle fighters. In a world of generals telling people take the hill, it's cool to actually take the hill and plant the flag. Own it. The generals can get out of the way,


Keep the process aggressive, focused. Sometimes put execution before concept. Crazy, right? MBAs run. While they're making the perfect pie chart, you write ads, sing, voice, get out on the street & record people, push your way to breakthroughs, see what tactics work, test, re-test, create a difference to make a difference.


T-mobile, Budweiser, Chuggington McDonald's, American Airlines, ESPN, Fox Networks, Disney, BBC, Rolling Rock, Kit Kat, Heineken, Corona, VW, Cox.


Some of my work has been blasting for decades. It may look like fishing in the dark, but you catch mighty big fish that way.


3. Speak in a unique voice to cross borders, language, and cultures.


There's only one way to bust through the noise on the Internet of Clutter. Distinguish your story with a singular, captivating voice. Emotion connects people. Refine your voice so it lingers and leaves powerful impressions.


Head to the rooftops. Make sure you're heard. 


skype: cfmchale



  • Market entry. Break down the door.

  • Business development. Power to the top.

  • Strategic development. Understand what it takes.

  • Concept development. Keep it real.

  • Creative executions. Be fresh.

  • Operations and production process. Make it smooth.

  • Communication Strategy and Planning. Don't waste it.

  • Artist development. Get your people.

  • Brand/artist relations. Give them love.

  • Social strategy. I hear you.

  • Televison. In the room.

  • Games. In the head.

  • Music. Make them dance.

  • Audio branding. Make them sing.


3 ways to survive in a world with ADD

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