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American President Obama has 100 days (give or take a day) to get this done. Congress is ready, but a lot of folks are nervous about signing off. And if you think reading and absorbing 6000 pages of legal text is fun, or a beach read, think again. (more)

August 2016 - published by Streamline Media

Business has already begun the great exodus from email as a cornerstone of corporate communication. We've got Facebook Messenger, DM on Twitter, Dropbox, Slack, WhatsApp, more and more alternatives every day. Somebody, please drop their federal government official a line and introduce them to the wonders of SnapChat. (more)

Published by Streamline Media August 2016

Awhile ago we put up this post about The Agile Method. Well, it wasn't about Agile, but more about me learning what it meant to call a process Agile. I’m a wordsmith and get hung up on words, and this term Agile gets thrown around all the time in the world of software product development, so I wanted to know more about it. What exactly is an Agile Method? (MORE)


Published October 2015 by Streamframe.

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