On a hill overlooking Kuala Lumpur, Streamline Studios has been experiencing phenomenal growth. I joined the company three years ago. Three of us sat in a little cubicle in New York and talked and talked about the different ways to build the company. There was an intense energy to Streamline right from the start. What happened, an explosive growth, maybe took some folks by surprise, but the dynamic people gathered round this company made it inevitable in my eyes.


The CEO is a guy named Alexander Fernandez, and like all entrepreneurs he has a restless spirit. He called me in to help launch a productivity platform called Streamframe. This thing has been a bear, but Alex has kept us focused and moving forward against some pretty hefty headwinds. I think 2017 is going to be a great year for Streamframe.

Storytelling & Technology

I've gotten into the middle of video games and technology with my work on Streamline. We've done in-depth project planning, multiple integrative campaigns, industrial shows, IP development, extensive content marketing and social campaigns. It's been a wild ride. On everything I do I want to expand my skills and experience. Streamline has provided that and so much more, a challenge to my creativity. Beautiful.