This is the story of a bunch of kids attending the Space Academy of Music.


With the All-Galaxy marching band competition looming, a drum majorette leads the S.A.M. Band across the galaxy to solve a complex musical puzzle, elude the grip of a mysterious alien entity and still take home the big trophy!


Song in Space, a new animated series, features pop songs and music—a funny, wild, romantic, galaxy spanning free-for-all, aimed squarely at Harry Potter fans and lovers of fantasy, fun, and mystery. It’s designed to take advantage of global distribution, social, digital and broadcast, and features many licensing and product development opportunities.


The hero of our story is 14 year-old Song, a vivacious teenage beauty from the Planet Naxos. Outgoing, a leader, demanding, focused, confident, Song is tough, an accomplished dancer, fit and used to physical challenges. She drives the kids in the S.A.M Band hard and leads them on their secret mission: To solve the Loop Riddles and code The Hidden Symphony. But a mysterious entity called Cerebus shadows their steps, trying to steal the Loops and decipher the Hidden Symphony first.


The top player in the band, Jian, has a thing for the beautiful Song, but one day a new kid shows up, the handsome and mysterious Sawyer. Sawyer catches Song’s eye, much to the annoyance of Jian, but Song is not sure she has time for either boy.


Can The S.A.M Band solve the Loop Riddles before Cerebus AND win the All-Galaxy Marching Band Trophy? And which boy will capture Song’s heart? The fiery, talented Jian, or the mysterious Sawyer?


Song In Space is slated for production in 2019.


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