The award-winning Christopher McHale, we should say, T-Mobile, Chuggington, Zap Mama,

Budweiser has ensured McHale will never want for gold-encrusted production opportunities.


He's well established as a producer of breakthrough work on the right side of the cool divide. To that category we add, copy, voice direction, composer, mixer, sound designer.

It's an ear thing. 


Do you need to breakthrough? Production from concept to ether.

voice direction

Feeling flat? Discover the performance that works.


Are you stuck in the mud? Open up your production to resonance and clarity.

music supervision

Drowning in a sea of details? Ideas and licenses for your pro result. 


Sound like everybody else? Power your ideas with emotional impact.

sound design

What can you do with a pot and spoon? Connect your project to unbridled imagination.

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