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The # 1 F-up entrepreneurs make!

Eye on the ball

You've work hard and put it all together. The hours. The credit card debt. The investment in sweat and worry and blood and tears.

And then ....

You realize it's not working.


You change everything and start again. New plans! New ideas! New product! Marketing! Web sites! The whole kettle of fish!

There's nothing wrong with rolling things back and starting again. But there's just one single, tiny thing that needs to the remain untouched.

Your goals.

If you change your goals, you'll need to throw out the bath water, the baby, everything and truly step back and create an entire new business. New goals mean a new business.

Changing your goals also means you're about to begin a perilous path to nowhere, so rather than going full Livingston in the jungle, keep your goals the same and figure out a new path to get there. It keeps the ship steady in heavy seas, the compass set.

A new venture is a delicate thing. Make sure of your finish line and then no matter what happens, figure out a way to get there. If you move the goal posts, all is lost. However, if your destination is set, you'll have a strong sense of which way to tact to the get there and it's like a Hoover Dam against the flood waters of discouragement.

Entrepreneurship is hard. But it's also the fun and the greatest challenge. Keep your eyes on the The Promised Land, and go!


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