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My post-election 2¢

That doesn't anything more than anybody else's opinion.

I wake up and ...

We’re past it.

Come on. Breathe. You know you’re happy about it.

The election is over!

Damn, American elections have become a swamp of lies and fear, and broken relationships.

Most politicians have lost their minds. Policy is a non-starter. Anger is the flag we march under. What a way to run a country.

On one side are secret pedophiles running a cabal of flesh-eating maggots meeting under a pizza parlor. Vote for me.

This guy means freedom, and that guy means doom

What a total load of bullshit.

End to end.

And here’s the thing: Most American couldn't give a damn about any of it. We just want to lead our lives. Have a family. Buy some groceries. You know, be normal.

If I won the billion dollar lottery, I wouldn’t give a penny to any politician.

I saw a singer in a small club last Saturday night that was more of a leader for this country than every single politician. I mean, who are these guys?

Twatdoddles end to end.

I wake up and I’m relieved. I walk along the lake. The fresh air is from the not. I watch the big planes coming in from Europe, one after the other, a procession of humans in the clouds.

This is our world, our life, our air, our moment so of peace. This is freedom.

I do not need some two-bit ball of quivering arrogance to protect my freedom, or give me my freedom or any of it. I’ve lived all over the world. America is as free as any place. And the only thing threatening my freedom are the politicians who are telling me they’re protecting my freedom.

Do you think we’re stupid? Well, obviously you do because you speak to us like we’re kindergarteners. Actually, kindergarteners see right through your quack show patrioism.

Do you know what I want from politicians?

Pick up my garbage. Give me schools. Regulate the price of a loaf of bread so I can make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for my kids. I don’t need glam politicians wrapped in a $5 flag.

We just went thorough an entire election season, and I heard zero ideas. I mean, there may have been ideas out there, but with all the shouting, they got drowned out.

And you know what?

Look at the results.

I think most Americans are like me. They are sick to death of all this crap.

I’m so happy today.

The election is over.

I wake up and smile.



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