Genie Unction

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We lived together in a big house and played all day. Then at night--opera, concerts, ballet, we set up lights, sound, cleaned toilets, humped anvil cases, worked hundreds of performances. Our music was a subtle as a 45' truck backing down a narrow alley. 40 years and a whole lifetime of music later, here we are with our songs.

Over the next year, we'll be releasing them--classic Unction like Angel of Egypt, ESP, Waiting Anxiously. A lot of time has passed so our songs have evolved. 

This band was always different, passionate, and fucking crazy. Can you make 7/8 rock? We gave it a shot. Is Bartok a valid influence for rock and roll? Why not?

We can't find Danny. We can't find Cliff, but Chris is still here, and JJ, and Mondo. Good to see you too.

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