email is dead by chris mchale

Video Game Developers moving on. Are you?


Business has already begun the great exodus from email as a cornerstone of corporate communication. We've got Facebook Messenger, DM on Twitter, Dropbox, Slack, WhatsApp, more and more alternatives every day. Somebody, please drop their federal government official a line and introduce them to the wonders of SnapChat.


Of course, hackers are hackers and everything needs to be locked up triple tight, but email? Long messy threads? Inbox-zero battles? Searching and searching through email after email looking for that one critical document attachment? Say the word ‘email' to somebody like Hillary Clinton and she's going to back you up against a wall and seriously get into your face.


In our beautiful industry, video game development, there's a whole cadre of young talent that doesn't even know what email is. No seriously. When was the last time a friend emailed you? Or more accurately, when was the last time a friend emailed you, and you saw it? Real friends don't email. They Facebook. Or Tweet. Or SnapChat, whatever, they do anything else but email. And real productive video game development teams Slack, Jira, Streamframe, name it, anything and everything but email. Private portals are the new rock and roll. Or something like that.


My crystal ball battery needs charging, so I can't exactly say what's going to replace email. All I can say is it's dead, finished, gone, kaput, and something new, amazing and mind-boggling is coming to replace it. 2016 is when email got a dreadful bug, a fatal virus, a no-recover diagnosis and bit the big one.  And if you don't agree, imagine for a second you're a CEO, a politician, or the Head of Sony Studios, and you're sitting at your desk about to send out a super-sensitive note to a fellow worker, your finger poised over ‘Send.' Do you hit it or not?