streamine studios

I've produced everything. At least it feels that way: Opera, circus, advertising, radio, television, film, music, sonic branding, corporate communications, brouchures, business plans.


Streamframe is a tremendously powerful production platform and We connected with it on a very fundamental level as copywriters.


Here's the site.


One of my great copywritng assignments in 2015 took us into the heart of the video games industry and a couple of trips around the world. Lots of adventures and fun.


These guys are the best. Based in Kuala Lumpur, they feed on AAA-games and mind-boggling art. As a bonus I did music and voiceover.


Check it out here.

interactive ads

Even in the digital world companies still need brochures, hand-outs, leave behinds, printed materials.


I spent a month in Southeast Asia this summer (the tropics!) and turned out these pieces.




Digital has its restrictions, sure, but it's also opening up, coming alive and I think we've barely scratched the surface of what it can be.


I worked with some front-rank art-director/technologist in 2015. Eye-opening.


See the work.