Clan Chi

Explore world soul, cultural streams and sonic trends.


This extraordinary collaboration has been featured on film, television, advertising and video games.

You'll instantly recognize the sound of this unique band. T-mobile lifted the iconic ringtone from the tune Hello Hola and have used the audio logo in its marketing and on its phones for the last decade. On the subway, in airports, or walking down the street, Clan Chi pops out at you in some very unexpected places.


Clan Chi is a collaboration between five artists who set out to explore global music, pulses, choral, a linguistic polyglot of language, sounds, beats, unusual juxtapositions of sonic vibe, words, chants, chorals, and poetry.

The human voice is the ultimate expression of emotion. Clan Chi has built a unique journey, a compelling quilt of voices from every corner of the globe, over hooky melodies and deep resonant beats.